Taqasuska Public Administration wuxuu ardayga u diyaariyaa inuu ka mid noqdo hoggaanka fulinta ee dowlada hoose, dowlad goboleedka ama dowlada dhexe.

Waxyaabaha kaloo lagu barato taqasuskaan waxaa ka mid ah doorka uu ku leeyahay Hoggaanka guud (PA) bulshada, mabaadii’da hagta iyo sidii loo hormarin lahaa Hoggaanka guud,

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A Bachelor of Public Administration degree is designed to prepare students for employment in the public and nonprofit sector by giving them a broad background in the basics of administration, combined with a contemporary focus on urban management, the nonprofit sector, tools of analysis, and the role of ethics.

IOU Bachelor of Public Administration prepares you for entry into a career in the public sector, either in a non-profit organization, or at federal, state, or local government. You will complete coursework in urban management, budgeting and finance, political science and intergovernmental issues, and public policy development. This degree’s curriculum also provides you with a extensiveness of complimentary studies in the social sciences. 

Core Courses and Topics in Public Administration:

    1. Public Administration
    1. Political Economy
    1. Management
    1. Comparative Public Administration
    1. Human Rights and Administration
    1. Development Theory
    1. Poverty and Development Strategies
    1. Population Studies
    1. Decentralization, Governance and Development
    1. Research Methods
    1. Public Infrastructure Planning and Management
    1. Policy Making and Analysis
    1. Organizational Behavior
      1. Social Sciences

With a Bachelor of Public Administration degree, you can start your career in any level of government or within a non-profit organization. Some of these positions include:

  • Budget analyst
  • City/regional district manager
  • Fundraising manager
  • First Nation Band administrator
  • General operations manager
  • Grant administrator
  • Human services director
  • Legislative support
  • Policy analyst
  • Program director
  • Public works director
  • Treaty researcher