Taqasuska Dhaqaalaha waxaa diirada lagu saaraa nidaamka Wax soo saarka, Kaydinta iyo Qoondaynta marka lagu jiro xaalad wax yaraan.

Waxyaabaha taqasuskaan lagu barto waxaa ku jira nidaam loogu talagalay sharaxaada aragtiyada Dhaqaale.

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Bachelor of Economics is a program that focuses on the systematic study of the production, conservation and allocation of resources in conditions of scarcity, together with the organizational frameworks related to these processes. Includes instruction in economic theory, micro- and macroeconomics, comparative economic systems, money and banking systems, international economics, quantitative analytical methods, and applications to specific industries and public policy issues.

The required courses you would take for Bachelor of Economics are listed here.

  • Economic Development
  • Economic Institutions
  • Economic Theory
  • Economics
  • Government and Industry
  • International Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Money and Banking
  • Public Finance
  • Regional Economics
  • Statistics

There are many different careers available for Bachelor of Economics graduates. Below is a sample of types of positions that Bachelor of Economics graduates have gone on to.

  • Commodity Trader
  • Economist
  • Government Economist
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Tax Economist